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OJAI is a group specialized in management and financial advisory. It designs and achieves missions intended to improve the efficiency of your company and to maximize its financial resources:

> Creation of structures
> Organization and optimization
> Change management and support
> Project management
> Financial advice
> Representation abroad

“If the leader is gifted with wisdom, he is capable of recognizing changes of circumstance and of acting promptly.  If he is fair, his men will be sure of their recompense and their punishment.  If he is humane, he loves others, shares his sentiments and appreciates his work and his pain.  If he is courageous, he wins his victory by seizing, without hesitation, the opportune moment.  If he is severe, his troupes are disciplined, because they fear him and the possibility of punishment.”

Comment of Tu Mu - The Art of War - Sun Tzu - About 400 BCE

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